Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Disney Fix Wednesday Tip #2

 Disney Fix Wednesday Tip #2

When using a stroller, either your own stroller or if you rent a stroller. Make the stroller stand out. Trust me, you want to be able to pick your stroller out from the sea of strollers parked by it.  Remember that your stroller may not be parked in the same parking spot where you left it. The Cm's is constantly moving and shifting them. So make it stand out. People use balloons, bandanas, name tags, etc.. I always place my plastic stroller cover over my  stroller. That way the stroller is safe from the unexpected rain shower and I can spot it out.


  1. This is not a bad idea considering the amount of people walking around pushing strollers at there parks.
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    1. Thanks for following. I am following you also.