Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our New Merida Doll

My love for Disney has grown so much since last week. Disney really knows how to make things right with their customers. Last May when we were in the world, we purchased our daughter the Brave Merida doll. We were not home for more than a week when I noticed that Merida's hand was missing. My daughter was very distraught about this and would not play with the doll anymore. So at one of our lasts visits to our local Disney store, I was just talking with one of the Cm's about what had happen and he told me to bring the doll in. Well with my busy schedule and the fact that we had lost all of the little pieces that belonged to the doll,  we never took it back to the store. The other day my daughter insisted we go get another one. Since we were going to that mall that day, I thought we would take the doll with us. I thought for sure they would not do anything for me. We did not have any of the pieces that went with it. We walked in and I talked to the main Cm, with no questions asked, he handed me a brand new Merida doll. I was in shock. I kept saying I just need the doll, we don't have all the pieces and he said it did not matter, all they needed was the doll. SCORE!!! So now we have a brand new doll. Disney is awesome!!!

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